Tämä taitaa olla ensimmäinen äitienpäivä, jonka vietän eri maassa äitini kanssa. Eikä kumpikaan meistä asu tällä hetkellä Suomessa. Välimatkasta huolimatta olemme tulleet toimeen kuten ennenkin, eli paremmin kuin hyvin! Ja pian me taas näemmekin :) Toivotan oikein mukavaa äitienpäivää kaikille ihanille äideille!

You Were There... 
You were there when we took our first steps,
And went unsteadily across the floor.
You pushed and prodded: encouraged and guided,
Until our steps took us out the door...
You worry now "Are they ok?"
Is there more you could have done?
As we walk the paths of our unknown
You wonder"Where have my children gone?"
Where we are is where you have led us,
With your special love you showed us a way,
To believe in ourselves and the decisions we make.
Taking on the challenge of life day-to-day.
And where we go you can be sure,
In spirit you shall never be alone.
For where you are is what matters most to us,
Because to us that will always be home... 

(lainattu: täältä)

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